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Korean Association of Cinematheques (KACT) is a non-profit organization with nationwide cinematheques.

Founded in 2002, it has acted with the faith that the films should be shown to audiences beyond the commercial interest, as the cinema is the cultural heritage since the 20th century.

Through running a cinematheque Seoul Art Cinema, we have performed the cultural collaboration under the partnership with the embassies and a variety of cultural institutions in Korea.

Our members include the eight cinematheques in local cities in Korea, such as Gangeung Cinematheque (at Gangeung Shinyoung Cinema), Daejon Cinematheque (at Daejon Art Cinema), Gwangju Cinematheque (at Gwangju Cinema), Cinephile Jeonju, Cine Odyssey in Cheongju, Daegu-Kyungbuk Cinematheque, and Cine Islands in Jeju, and some organizasions such as Queer Archive at Seoul Pride Film Festival and i-GON, the Alternative Visual Culture Factory and cinematheque team at Jinjin Pictures. 


Cinematheque Seoul Art Cinema is a non-profit cinematheque in Seoul, run by KACT.

Opening in 2002, our cinematheque is now located at Kyunghyang Art Hill in Jeongdong.

Under the partnership with the embassies in Seoul, we are screening about 500 films a year through a variety of retrospective, special programs, regular programs and annual film festivals tied with events and cinetalks.

We are trying to do our best to show a diversity of films, in particular, the classic films.

Our mission is to show films as close to the filmmakers’ intentions as possible, for educational and cultural purposes.

Program Inquiry: program@cinematheque.seoul.kr